hello summer

We survived our first week of summer and the weather cooperated nicely with 90 degree days. My kids were busy, busy all week and I can tell it is going to take supermom strength to keep up with them all summer. Why do they never get tired?
If only I could bottle that energy and sell it! I'd be a rich lady indeed!
This spring we've had the pleasure of bringing 5 little baby birds into the world. We found a nest tucked into one of our hanging baskets. Although we didn't actually lay the eggs, we've protected them and watched them hatch. It's mostly been me protecting the eggs from my curious kids if we are being honest, but it was entertaining to check on them every so often and see the progress.
We just happened to be on the porch one night when one of them took off and flew away from the nest. It was pretty sweet to watch him (or her-I'm no expert) take off full speed and fly like a drunkard through the yard. The mother was squawking like crazy and I can only image what she was saying "Get back here this instant!-Watch out for the tree-stay away from strangers-come back and visit once in a while" I guess motherhood is the same for everyone.
Tonight we are making a summer bucket list and deciding which things are a must for the summer. I always loose my crafting mojo a bit in the summer due to sheer exhaustion, but I'm hoping an extra Diet Pepsi late at night might do the trick once in a while.

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