wrist wallet

I can't take credit for this adorable idea -although I can take credit for the sweet BSU Bronco inspired color scheme. Ever since I saw this cute tutorial at Lemon Squeezy Home I've been planning to make one. I sewed it up several weeks ago, but didn't have velcro so it's been hanging around the house. Dylan has been asking me nearly daily if it was done, which is surprising since he informed me anything sewn by me is lame and not cool. And for the record handydowns (hand me downs) are lame too. Don't tell his friends but he has a Star Wars quilt and matching pj pants that he uses nightly so maybe "not everything" I sew is lame.

I finally got velco and finished it up. I stitched an X in each velco tab to secure them. His money tucks inside and it will be perfect for our vacation. Mr Moneybags has saved up some cash, so this will ensure that his money actually arrives at it's destination safely.


danni reid. said...

absolutely AWESOME!!!

makinzee said...

Do you take orders?:) Darling! My sewing machine has some serious dust on it!!

Scott and Jamie said...

I love this idea. Can I order one too? Cole's birthday is in September! Let me know :)