paper dolls

Another week has passed and summer is more than halfway gone. The weeks just keep flying by-and we pack as much fun as we can into each week. I've also painted almost my entire downstairs, so the days have been busy. The other night I was dying to play with paper even though I was exhausted from a day of swimming. I got out this Maya Road chipboard album that I'd won in a giveaway and decided to make something with it.

 I had no ideas until Anna walked in and asked where I got the paper doll. She took one, and I took one and we dressed them up in scraps. I made mine two sided-

And I made a litttle sleeping bag and turned it into a card for my cute niece.

And speaking of paper dolls-check out this adorable free download from chezbeeperbebe. Adorable paper dolls for girls and there is even a boy version of paper cars!


Staci said...

These are too cute! You did a great job!

Aunt B said...

What a sweet idea! Thank you for sharing it. I'm looking forward to giving this one a try myself.

Sandy Ang said...

love the ideal of sleeping bags for paper dolls !