wild adventures

So here is the forest fire we drove through the middle of last night. Anna and I were headed up to Starlight Mountain Theatre to see Cinderella with my sister in law and niece. The fire was on one side of the road and still rather contained when we passed by, but it made for some good jokes as we watched the helicopters fly over with buckets of water. I even drove a little closer to the edge of the road where the fire was to tease the girls and was rewarded with terrified screams. I was mildly concerned that it was a problem, but we had called the theatre and been told the show would go on and we couldn't get our money back.

Later-after the show it was no longer funny as we were told by the theatre manager that the road home had closed and we could now spend the night or drive an extra 3 hours in the dark on windy mountain roads to get home. We were sitting there trying to decide what to do when we saw 4 forest service vans drive by headed the long way home. We decided that was our sign and followed them. But a short mile later they all turned off to the forest service station and we were on our own. It took us an extra 4 hours to get home. I had to drive about 20 miles an hour for 100 miles as the roads had lots of sharp curves and there was no guardrail-and did I mention it was dark?  We saw 4 deer, 2 foxes and some other unidentified animal which would normally be nice, but not so much in the dark when you are trying not to hit them. And it just went on and on...... The adults were freaked out and the girls were crying and complaining in the back. I was so thankful when they finally fell asleep. After we'd been driving for what seemed like forever we came around the corner to see a sign and we anticipated it would say 15-20 more miles to go. Boise-50 miles. Those last 50 miles were the longest of my life. I'm still paying for it today as my kids don't care that I was nearly driven insane last night and I'm tired. They were still up at 7am. Even Anna, since she had a nice long rest in the backseat of a car.

Last week we were gone on vacation so it's been forever since I actually did anything crafty. Hoping my life will get normal again soon, although we've been having such a fun time this summer.

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