Apple Orchards

A few weeks ago when the kids were getting over being sick and I couldn't stand one more day trapped in the house, we took a drive to Nampa to get some apples. My kids love applesauce and I thought-gee how hard can it be to make. We went to Williamson orchards which was so cool. WE drove past the apple trees to get to this big barn full of baskets of apples, potatoes and other fall produce. I went a little nuts and bought 100 pounds of apples. The kids loved all the pumpkins and fun gourds. They each picked out a pumpkin and I had to pry Dylan off the wooden train. I just happened to have my camera and got some cute pics:

As for the applesauce-I've canned 24 quarts and still have a box and a half of apples left. Lots of work, but super delicious!


makinzee said...

Yay for apples! I've been dehydrating mine and making applesauce. That's a cool place you went to, such a cute cart for the kids. Jack still wants candy instead of food for any meal! I'll be glad when it's all gone.

Lauri {Scrap Attack} said...

Darling pictures Michelle! I love that little train! Love apples, just think of all the fun things you can make with all those! :)

The Cook Book said...

That's awesome for the applesauce. Those apples our awesome, we really love the apples we got from them. That place was a lot of fun wasn't it!!