Happy Halloween!

(Hannah Montana)

(Incredible Hulk)

What a difference a year makes (and nice weather)!Last year the kids were done after 10 houses. This year we had to drag them into the house after 2 hours. We actually had to come back to the house halfway and empty their buckets because they were too heavy! Despite his fit about wearing a costume, Dylan really got into it. Seriously, what 3 year old boy does not want to dress up and pretend he is someone cool. I had to beg to get the shirt on, and he wouldn't put the green makeup or balck hairspray on. After 2 houses, he ditched the Hulk hands too. I'm sure no one even knew what he was supposed to be. One lady asked if he was the Jolly Green Giant! Seriously kid! After trick-or-treating Dylan dumped his candy out and started eating it as fast as humanly possible. I let him go for awhile until I felt he had reached dangerous levels, then put it away! A fun night! I remember as a kid the excitement of a full bucket of candy. I can't remember if I ate it all in one night, or spread it out, but I do remember sorting it and being so thrilled!


Lauri {Scrap Attack} said...

Cute pictures Michelle! That is hilarious about the Jolly Green Giant though - and that he wanted to eat all the candy that night! :) I remember those days.

amanda said...

Michelle- Hello from the Keetch family. Long time since we have talked. Found you on someones blog. Your kids are getting so big and are so cute. Looks like you have been so busy these days with all kinds of crafty things!! You did a great job!! Check us out on akakeetch.blogspot Good to see what your are up to!!