Halloween Happiness

Ok- I really love Halloween! Really! Like probably more than any other holiday. So this past weekend I had my annual Halloween party for my extended family. It was so fun to put together, and the kids had a blast.

(standing in front of the bat cave-great photography skills mom)

(Dopey & Dorothy)

(Lots of yummy scary food)

(And a few mummy games)
At the end of the night when Anna was heading up the stairs to bed, she stopped and said "This was the funnest night in the world. I loved our Halloween party" So worth every single minute I spent preparing.


Lauri {Scrap Attack} said...

How fun, love the costumes!! We used to do something similar and it was such a blast! :)

Janet said...

You are quite the hostes in that costume. I love it! I love Halloween too. I love to see all of the cute costumes on the kids. But I really like to dress up too! :)

The Cook Book said...

Yes of course it was worth your preparation... it was so much fun and always is. We were sad we couldn't stay for the awesome games. See you soon.

Tennille said...

So glad to hear it turned out so great! Isn't it the best when your children validate the things you do?