Silly Girl

So Anna says to me yesterday"Mom, can I see that dirty picture in your magazine again" as she grabs Martha Stewart. I panicked thinking -what could be bad in Martha Stewart & how does she know about dirty pictures? So I ask her to show me and she flips to a pest control ad. There is dirt all around the edge and ants all over the page. Duh-A DIRTY Picture ! She's such a crack up!


Emily said...

We missed you guys at the picnic last night, a party is not the same without the Prices!!! Hope you all get feeling better. Thank you for fixing my dress(s), I wore it to church today, so perfect! you are the best!

Tennille said...

I love the innocense of kids! I wish we could retain it as adults. The world would be a much better place!

makinzee said...

If only kids could stay clean from "playing in the dirt!"

Leejean said...

I love it, that's just like a kid. We (adults) of course read something into everything. ahhhh the life of a kid. love ya tons.

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