Zoo Boise

So last week we had a little fun ,despite the crummy weather. Anna's preschool group had their final field trip of the year and they went to the zoo. We've been there many times, but this was the first time I think Dylan got excited about the animals and recognized what they all were. (Amazing what a year will do) He loved the turtles and the giant cockroaches. I couldn't get him away from those bugs, disgusting!

Anna wasn't impressed by any of the animals, but was thrilled about the music carousel and the ice cream stand.

We are sad that preschool is over for the year. Anna will miss her friends and I will miss my free Tues & Thurs mornings. We did a co-op and the moms took turns being the teacher. It was great!

As we were leaving Anna spotted the most exciting thing of the day. She saw what she thought was the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine parked at the park. (Good thing she can't read). She ran to it to see if Scooby Doo was inside. It was empty and she spent the rest of the ride home asking me where I thought "the gang" was.

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Tennille said...

What a fun field trip for little preschoolers. Wow! Can you believe our babies are going to kindergarten in just a few months!?! I'm sad, but also excited for the "free time" EVERY day! I also noticed Jonathan in one of the pictures. Boy, he is growing up!