I Wanna Be A Farmgirl

So I think I may be having a mid-life crisis (Is that possible at 30?) I just read MaryJane Butters "Farmgirl" book and I am so in love with it. If you don't know about her, she is a farmer in Northern Idaho who is famous for her organic food and use it up attitude. Think Martha Stewart in overalls and without the attitude. I wanna be a farmgirl!! She makes it all seem so romantic & peaceful. I don't really want to move into the boonies and live with the cows. I just want to have enough space to have a huge garden, some chickens and some fruit trees, but still be able to hit the mall in the afternoon. :) I have been having this strange urge lately to become more self-reliant and home-makerish. I've started sewing and last week I even made my own bread (and not with the breadmaker).

Her book talks alot about making your own everything (jam, soap, noodles, bread, towels, cheese etc.) I love it!! She even makes her own gasoline for her car! Mike is building me some raised garden boxes next weekend and I'm planning a big garden. I may even try to can some stuff this year. Seriously-what has happened to me? The Dalton blood in me is running strong I guess!


makinzee said...

Your writing cracks me up! Love the colors for those dresses and I can't wait to get the garden planted either. And the weather is finally gonna be nice again, we'll have to do another park day!

Scott & Jamie said...

Kylie was telling us about how you are making these cute outfits now... I admire your skills!