summer layout with my minds eye

Tonight I succumbed to the peer pressure of my children and bought a backyard pool. It took much pressuring of the hubby who was concerned his beloved grass will die. I convinced him that no one will know the grass is dead because the pool will be on top of it. (I know what you are thinking -I really should have been a lawyer. My arguments are THAT good!)
Actually I used the line "Grass grows back but children grow up forever!" Save that in your arsenal-you might need it someday.
You know how you buy a pool and it shows an entire family swimming in it with water up to their chests. Then you open the box and it's barely big enough to get the tops of your feet wet? I opened this box and it was exactly the opposite. Apparently 15 foot diameter means a 15 foot diameter in this case. So the kids are happy and I am happy and hubby is really worried about his grass now. 
On to scrapbooking. I took these pictures a few weeks ago when D went to the BMX park (his favorite place). I was trying to capture the look of his on the go-ness with arrows and chevrons.
For the title I used some AC Thickers I had in my stash and cut the BOY part out with my Pazzles Inspiration. I distressed the letters along the edges and outlined them with a white marker. I like that they look like they've been wadded up in a little boys pocket. It's an easy way to make a unique title with cheap cardstock.
My Minds Eye {American Made)
Pazzles Inspiration
American Crafts Thickers
American Crafts Galaxy Marker


Joanna said...

I like how you have done the ziz zags using coordinating paper. Lovely layout and reminder of a fun day.

Linda Beeson said...

Great layout for a boy!!!

Sarah Webb said...

I like the title work!

Leanne said...

such an awesome take on the sketch! Thanks for playing along with us!

VERO The Sahm said...

Wow great LO and congratulations to be the winner ! Soooo awesome !