i just wanna make stuff

Even though I spend everyday making stuff at work I get to the weekend and I just wanna make stuff-my stuff-stuff for me! You know what I mean? I always have a list of things I want to make and by the time I actually sit down to make them I have a new list of things. Here is my current list~
i wanna make....
*this skirt! It's gorgeous. I am having the hardest time finding skirts lately. Is it just me? I am freakishly tall so that just adds to the problem. I wore this skirt to church today and I remembered how great it is to have something just right. It made me want to make a hundred more skirts, But I'll start with this one.
*these owls. Adorable. I'll sew a few and make a few out of paper and my life will be complete. I love owls right now!
*this infinity scarf made of vintage hankies. I have a stash of vintage fabrics just waiting for this project.
*all of the 101 ideas projects by Heidi Swapp. True gorgeousness!

But instead I took the kids swimming at the YMCA Friday night, got up early Saturday and took the kids to a fun run, stopped at the store and got a present for a b-day party, went to a soccer game, ran kid to meet up for b-day party, took other kid to a practice for school talent show, ran to grocery store, picked kid up from practice, made dinner, folded 4 loads of laundry, picked up 5000+ Legos and then sat down at my craft desk. I hear from the other room-"Mom, will you come watch this movie with me?" I had patterned paper on my desk and my ink pad was open and I replied "No Thanks!" But two seconds later I was on the couch watching  Shark Boy and Lava Girl for the 1 millionth time because mom guilt got the best of me. Why are we so good at the over analyzing and second guessing as a mother? I really can't imagine Anna in therapy some day because she had to watch Shark Boy and Lava Girl BY HERSELF! But it's the way it goes. You give birth to them and then try really hard for the next 20 years to do everything right. And someday I can make everything on my list with no interruptions, but I'm sure by then I'll really be missing the little people hanging around making messes and calling for me from all over the house.
But next week dang it-I'm making something!

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