Fairy Gardens

Anna and I had a little crafty fun last weekend. We made fairy gardens. Fairy Gardens are really just terrariums but when you are crafting with a 9 year old, you gotta make it fun. We found large glass containers at the thrift store and filled them with some rocks and soil. We found little plants at the local nursery and planted those in our container, just one per garden.

I found these cute little moss balls and the eggs at Craft Warehouse, which is actually where I got the idea to make these gardens. My local Craft Warehouse has the cutest display of little gardens with all the accessories. Anna found some real moss in the front yard that we added as well.

While we were at the thrift store we grabbed a few little trinket bags that we thought would be fun. I grabbed an owl and Anna grabbed a cat, a pig, some birds, some seashells and some frogs. She has a hard time making decisions. I finally talked her into the frogs and one seahell and the rest of the trinkets are now ready to do back up if the frogs ever croak. (Sorry-had to!)

These were so fun to make. I'm on the hunt for a larger glass container so I can really go to town. While we were shopping for plants, I discovered air plants which I want to give a try. They need no soil and only a mist of water every few days.

I put my fairy garden on the mantel with my growing owl collection and I love it.