Paper Luminary Village

I am tired of my Christmas decorations. I know some people put up their decorations differently every year, but I tend to stick with the plan and do it the same every year and it was getting boring. I decided to do something drastic and re-do my Christmas mantel.  I helped create a Luminary Village at work and I decided it would be the perfect thing for the center of my mantel, given my love of paper and all.

I made it and glittered it and put some LED tealight candles in it.
It is truly beautiful!

I surrounded my house with all of the Christmas trees I have; bottlebrush, cone and wood. I'd show you , but they are not quite completed yet. There are a few naked cones still sitting on my mantel that are hoping to be dressed by Christmas. It was just the thing I needed to freshen up my decor.


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Chantal Vandenberg said...

Oh this is so clever and I love it!