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Grilled Pineaeapple

I think it's funny that my Food board on Pinterest is twice the size as any other board. I love good food! But it's come to my attention that bad food does not love me back :) For the last month my hubby and I have been eating differently-whole foods & very little sugar. By whole foods I mean fruits veggies meats and nothing processed. We do make exceptions for whole grain bread, whole wheat tortillas whole wheat pasta and a few other things. It's been amazing-I feel great and have no more of the sinus and headache problems I was having. And as a bonus I've lost almost 10 pounds.

But it's hard! What this means is that most things have to be made from scratch. I used to love to cook, but in the last year it's been such a chore for me and we started getting takeout a lot more often. I commited to feed my family this way and I found that it's kind of made me enjoy cooking again. The things I'm makimg are healthy and delicious-it's not like we are eating sticks. It's fun to try new things and I've found when I'm worn out at the end of the day-it's just as easy to make sandwhiches as it is to get drive-thru. My kids still aren't all the way on board-but they are eating much better than they were. Last week I bought 4 different loaves of whole wheat bread trying to find one they liked. It's an adjustment and I'm not making them go without all the stuff they love-like fruit snacks-they just eat fruit snacks as a treat now instead of a snack.
This is a really long intro to say this: here are a few of the Pinterest recipies we've tried and loved!
Try these and let me know what you think-and feel free to share any good healthy recipies you've come across!

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VERO The Sahm said...

Wow I notice all this recipes, would like to try them ! it does seem so yummy !!