Ba Humbug to April Fools Day

So far this April Fools Day thing just ain't workin out. I'd been prepping the kids for some antics today, which was obviously a mistake. It started last night when I heard noises upstairs where the kids were allegedly sleeping. I went upstairs to investigate and found the entire upstairs trashed. As I stood in stunned silence with my mouth literally hanging open Anna says 'April Fools!' And I mean trashed: her toys were spread all over her room and into the hall, Dylan's toys and books all over his room, the laundry basket plus the clean laundry on my bed all mixed together and spread all over my bedroom and bathroom, clean sheets from the linen closet unfolded and spread out and blue handsoap spread all over the counter, floor and toilet in the upstairs bathroom. It took everything I had to remain calm. I explained why it wasn't funny and told her she was cleaning it all up in the morning while I rewashed all the laundry. In true drama queen fashion she replied "Well that was awkward-this April Fools will haunt me for the rest of my life" And she cried. I felt like a jerk-but seriously??


Having cleaned up the soap and laundry and sheets I decided to go ahead with my orginal plan to switch the sleeping kids into each other's beds. We switched them and I laughed my way to bed until I heard Dylan screaming. I went back to his room and he was sitting on his bed next to sleeping Anna yelling at her to get out of his bed. He was not amused. I guess the funny part is all relative depending on which part you play in the joke. I moved Anna and then spent the next 45 minutes trying to calm Dylan down. We went on a hike yesterday and he was exhausted and his legs hurt.

So forgive me if next year I conveniently forget all about April Fools Day!

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makinzee said...

I didn't try anything but am sure my day would have been like something yours was.