Things I'm lovin...

Just a few things I'm lovin lately.....

Y Celebrate the Boy with Dana at MADE . A whole month of sewing ideas for boys. Whether or not I actually make something is another story, but there is tons of inspiration coming from her site.

Y Our Best Bites The best recipies. Browsing this site is not helping me stay on my diet, but wow-YUM!

Y Echo Park {For The Record}-Finally got my hands on this gorgeous new paper line. Can't wait to dig in!

Y Bread-again not helping my diet, but I am loving fresh bread. My old squeaky breadmaker has been working doubletime. I got this book from the library and am now buying my own copy. The recipies are in weight measurements which is a bit confusing, but there is a conversion table in the front. Worth it though-I've tried 4 of the recipies and all were perfect and delish.

Y And these 2 yahoos. The list would not be complete without them.

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