Average Humans

This is for my mom who laughs when I tell her Anna's messes are making me insane. She says someday I will really miss it. But really-I can't imagine a world where I would open a door and hope to find this-

That's right-it's a giant spiderweb made of yarn. She said she was doing a science experiment to see if the average human could make a spiderweb.

And guess what-it turns out they can. Average Humans are also great at making giant messes!

She's creative-I'll give her that!


Carol said...

ha!!! that is pretty clever ;)

The Scrapbook Speedway said...


Nenne said...

LOL that's creative for sure and I love the comment!

makinzee said...

oh my, mads is always tieing things trying to do the same thing although she doesn't call it a human spider webb! i'm ready for the messes to be gone too!

Scott and Jamie said...

I love her creative mind! so cute.