American Crafts goodies

I wanted to document exactly who my kids are right now. I want to remember that Dylan gets up at 5 am to see if Phineas & Ferb is on yet, and that he loves to hide behind doors and jump out at his sister . He laughes so hard when drama queen Anna screams bloody murder and runs away. And oh yeah-my kids say "bloody murmur" as in "I was screaming bloody murmur". We were discussing this the other day and I was explaining that the correct thing to say is bloody murder when Dylan asked me -what is bloody murder anyways?-and suddenly we were having a conversation I didn't want to have :)

Maybe we should just stick with bloody murmur.

Anyways-here is my layout made for the American Crafts blog challenge:


The Scrapbook Speedway said...

great layout!

Mara... said...

fun layout! I love the ruffled flowers and that pop of green for the banner in the corner. Too cute!

makinzee said...

i do these kindof too. mads was just me @ 6 and had what things she is up to...doing this same one for jacks! thanks for the inspirations