Snow Day

"I know snowstorms are a nightmare for adults, but for kids it's just so much fun"

That is how Anna summed up her first snow day experience. Well said! It snowed almost a foot here and school got cancelled, a very rare thing in Boise. The kids spent the day playing in it and I spent the day shoveling it as it continued to snow and snow. Here's a little of the fun. These pictures were actually taken last week when there was only a few inches. The kids discovered that the common area across the street makes for a great sledding hill!
Immediatley after taking these pictures I slipped, fell on my butt and slid down the hill -with a look of complete shock on my face I'm sure. Dylan thought it was the funniest thing in the world which I'm sure it was-just hope none of my neighbors saw.

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makinzee said...

lol! slipping is scary and always seems to be in slow motion when you are falling!