This Bread ROCKS

(photo from lifescript)

This is the perfect bread to go with soup. I came across this bread recipe on a blog (can't remember whos). It's a quick bread with no yeast and no rising time. You can start making it an hour before you want to eat it. It's also healthy and because it has no yeast it's dense and yummy. Perfect for soaking up soup or with butter and honey.

You can find the recipe here

I made one small modification to the recipe. Instead of 1/4 c honey I used 2 Tablespoons sugar and 2 Tablespoons honey. It made it a smidge sweeter so my kids would eat it too.



Sandee said...

its so cold today, i think i'll try it with some soup. thanks for the recipe!

Amy Bowman said...

i'm a bit excited about this recipe...no yeast!:) thanks for posting..