Banners & Swags & Mario-Oh MY!

I love the latest trend of banners and swags on layouts. In my book it is the boy version of a good handmade flower. They can be worked onto any layout.
I made this layout this week to document Dylans undying love for Wii. This kid dreams Mario, talks about Mario constantly, makes wishes on falling stars that he can get a pet Yoshi and generally obsesses over it. I came up with a brilliant (if I do say so myself) system of coin earning that he can use to buy Wii time. AND let me tell you-he will do ANYTHING to earn a coin. It's brilliant I tell you (oh wait did I already mention that?)
Ok-back to banners & swags. Here's how I made mine. I drew the swag onto my layout with pencil. Then I cut 1 " squares of various papers and cut them in half to make triangles. I then lined them up end to end along my pencil line. Easy peasy!

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Sandee said...

oh do i remember earning super nintendo time as a kid. 15 minutes always went by too fast!