Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone had a fun holiday! We had a small group this year and so we went bowling after dinner to work off a few calories. It was really fun and even better when I creamed my brother and my hubby! I'll admit I took bowling the first 2 years of college and I guess I did learn something besides how to "mingle". Seriously-the teacher had us mingle and talk for 10 minutes of class and "get to know each other". It was basically a credit earning dating service. (see why it was such a popular class). Long story short-I rock at bowling!
I haven't had much time to scrap lately but thought I'd share a few of my latest creations.


Jami said...

oh...the days when we paid big bucks for a credit in bowling. you do remember I was on the record board for a week right? It was good to "see" you yesterday-wish we could have actually talked!

Anonymous said...

wow youve been a busy girl

makinzee said...

love that first layout and mingling and bowling? I musta missed that class!