Brand New 4 year Old

Happy Birthday to Dylan who is newly 4 years old. The period between Sept to Dec is wierd because D is 4 and A is 5. When stangers ask their ages, then notice Dylan is nearly the same height as Anna, they give me "the look" (pity mixed with the 'you are crazy' look) Truthfully though they are a full 21 months apart.
We celebrated Dylans b-day at the park and had perfect weather. Seeing as he is completley obsessed with Star Wars, we had an easy time picking the theme. D claims 'I'm so obsessed with Star Wars I just want to marry it'. Okey Dokey!

We started with galactic pizza, lightsaber pretzels and Yoda Soda (lime sherbert & 7-up).
After a quick defeat of the Death Star pinata, Dylan blew out the candles on his lightsaber cake.

Thanks to everyone who made it a great night. Dylan's Aunt & Uncle had a little surprise for him when he opened his presents:

They had the music and everything for the Money You Could Be Saving With Geico guy. I think Dylan was a little scared/confused at first but quickly warmed up to his new friend.I think this picture says it all-Dylan had a great night. Happy 4th buddy!


robin.christine said...

I love those pretzels, what a clever idea!! Very Creative party you had!

makinzee said...

u r 2 clever! love that present! music too-what a hoot. I'm glad my kids are now 2 years apart-i get those same crazy looks!

makinzee said...

ps we saw mike at toys r us buying presents for him as much for dylan!

Sandee said...

My girls are 22 months apart... so basically we got married in 2006 had baby #1 in 2007 and baby #2 in 2008. Definitely not keeping up with that trend!

Cute bday party!

Jen said...

Oh my! That last picture is just priceless!

Peggy said...

love your last picture - that is so adorable

dana said...

oh those light saber pretzels are the best! Very cool.
and the pic of your son sleeping....priceless.
thanks for sharing with me :)
- dana