Simple Christmas

So this year I am determined to have a simple, non-stressful, happy Christmas. I am determined to not become the ogre I usually am by Dec 20. With that in mind I decided to do something Christmas related with my family every day. I've done some research on the internet and found a few ideas on how to pull this off. I don't want this to be one more thing that has to be done, I want it to replace some of the more stressful things. So join me-Let's be happy this Christmas. I'll post some of the ideas I've found leading up to Christmas.

Today's idea: Traditions (This would make a great scrapbook page too) To make your holidays more meaningful this year, start with traditions that make your family unique. Take a few minutes together as a family and evaluate your traditions. What are your favorites? Which are most meaningful? What traditions do you continue that are only a ritual and no longer have any real meaning? If you're a young family just establishing holiday traditions, you can ask the same questions of the rituals your own families practiced. Start by listing your traditions and discussing the following questions: Where did this specific tradition come from—Mom or Dad's childhood? Other families? A book? A magazine? What traditions have disappeared over the years? What new traditions have been added? What traditions need to be dropped? What traditions would you like to add? Once you've decided what should stay and what should go, feel free to add a few new traditions. (From Christian Parenting Today)


Emily said...

Michelle, What a great idea with making and establishing new traditions! i hope our homemade gifts to eachother will not be that stress that hits us on Christmas eve, it wont be if i get my act together!

makinzee said...

I love traditions at Christmas time! But sometimes they too can be stressful. I'm determined also to have a simple Christmas. My shopping is done, cards are too and now I can just relax and avoid crazy Walmart!