Happy Birthday Dylan

Dylan is 3! I asked him several weeks ago what kind of party he wanted and he said 'a running party.' So the closest I could come to that was a racecar party. I had big plans at Tully park. Lots of races, an obstacle course and a pinata (also a request from D). I figured no problem since it has been 90 all week. But... Saturday morning we awoke to puring rain (after 50 some days of no rain). The high for the days was only in the 60's. So the party got moved to our house. It was a little chaotic, but super fun. We still did the pinata in the living room. Thanks everyone for coming!

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makinzee said...

You are always so creative with the cakes. Love the racecar one! So cute, that rain was crazy glad you still had a great day.