you make me happy MME card

It's officially been a month since I sat down at my scrap desk and made something. A month! The only thing keeping me sane at this point is the fact that I get to make stuff at work. I've had people ask me if I ever get sick of this paper crafting stuff. I work in the scrapbook industry all day and then come home at night and make more stuff to relax. The answer is no. I never get tired of it and I always wish I had time to make more things. I love paper! I'm sure I'm not alone in my hobby obsession. Do you have anything you love so much you can't imagine ever getting sick of it?

I made this card last month for a submission, but it didn't get picked up, so I'm sharing it now. The skies in Idaho have been gray with inversion for several weeks so this is definitely seasonally appropriate.
MME Cut and Paste
MME Chalk Studio

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Beverly Herdt said...

Yes, Michelle, I share your addiction! I'd love to trade places with you or perhaps just join you!