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Michelle Price with special guest Justina Nadolson - http://www.simplyprice.blogspot.com/
I have superfan Justina Nadolson here to share my blog with me today, so I will let her share her project first!
Justina's Project
One thing I love about “My Craft Channel” is that they are always on the cutting edge of the latest products, projects, and paper crafts.  You can tell how well the staff have their fingers on the “pulse” of the crafting industry by how quickly they release new products.
We R Memory Keepers has recently come out with a fantastic line of tools for us busy crafters!  My new favorite tool has to be the box-maker that I will be demonstrating in this blog post.  Instead of spending $5+ dollars on a gift box, why not use scrapbook paper you already have on hand to create a one-of-a-kind custom box that will be treasured by the gift receiver?  In this demonstration, I wanted to use part of the Teresa Collins “Summer Stories” collection that was released a few months ago.  I am a paper and embellishment junkie and I love many different lines, but without a doubt I purchase every new kit that is designed by the wonderful Teresa Collins.  Not only is that woman beautiful, but she is amazingly talented and I get so excited when I see the emails coming from My Craft Channel with a Teresa Collins featured buy!!!
My recommendation for using this tool is to use a heavier card stock paper.  The lighter weight papers tend to get weak when they are scored and I find the boxes sit straighter and are much nicer when using a heavy stock.  Teresa’s papers are perfect for this!
First you find the box size you want to make on the chart and then follow the instructions for cutting your paper to the correct dimensions and what score lines you will follow.  This may seem a little complicated when you first use it, but pretty soon you get the hang of it and it is very quick!
Line up your desired paper on the correct line according to the chart. Use the orange “punch” at the top to do the cut out so the box will fold easily and smoothly.
 You will score in 3 places (there are scoring grooves so this is very easy to do with the provided tool), then rotate 90 degrees.  Punch and score again and rotate until you have gone all the way around.  Then turn the paper over and just punch.  Each time, you will line it up to the left line … in my case it was the XL line.
After you have finished with that part, you will take each corner and use the opposite side of the orange punch to create the edges that will glide together to close the box.  Then begin folding along the score lines.  I love to use 2 sided paper so that the inside of the box is just as beautiful as the outside!
When you are finished with all the folding, you will then use 2 sided tape, tape runner, or glue to adhere the folds together to create the box.  As you can see, it makes a beautiful smooth edge if you are careful when taping it to line up the edges.
Add your favorite embellishments to finish off the box.  Again, I love Teresa Collins products because they are just so beautiful and easy to use.  Fill the box with your treasure, some tissue paper, and then close it using the interlocking cuts that were made by the punch.   

Michelle's Project
I'm always inspired by the fabulous Heidi Swapp and her MCC show Create To Remember is on of my favorites!  I created these little pocket ornaments to start a new tradition with my kids. Every day I tuck a treat inside and hide it somewhere on the tree. When they come home from school they hunt for their treat!
Would you believe these cute little pockets started as toilet paper rolls? I've made these before for other holidays and I've put together a tutorial here. They are a bit addictive!
I used Heidi Swapp's  latest line Believe to decorate these, and finished them off with a spritz of Color Shine.

Because they were once toilet paper rolls, and I know it seems odd, I tucked a silver cupcake wrapper inside when adding unwrapped treats. My kids love to find these everyday and I love coming up with fun ideas to fill them with!
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Abigail Stoops said...

Justina, what an awesome little tutorial!

Abigail Stoops said...

Michelle, you're so talented!

Deborah said...

Love that box maker and the box you made with it is adorable. Michelle your project is so clever and it's a great way to connect with your kids love it!