family room campout

Every once in a great while I have a Super Mom moment. My kids were begging for a camping trip and we had a stretch of busy weekends all in a row and no chance to get out of town. I was dealing with  constant arguing and needed a little incentive to keep my kids in line. I promised a surprise if they didn't fight for two days straight. This was like asking the Hatfields and McCoys to have a picnic together, but they managed to do it. And then they received their surprise....
I made a fort in the family room with a king size sheet and set up their sleeping bags and pillows inside. I was careful to position the fort so that the TV was part of the party and picked out the only classic movie I could think of that involved camping: The Parent Trap.
For snacks I picked up some bottled Root Beer, popped some popcorn and added some indoor smores. Indoor smores don't require a fire because they were actually just Honey Maid Smores Grahamfuls. The adorable smores title is part of the Camping Out Collection I designed for Pazzles.
To make it authentic, I added a campfire. Wait-not a real one. My kids weren't fooled either by my quick hand-cut fire, but it set the mood for some camp stories.
They happily watched their movie, giggled at each other's stories and slept in the fort all night. They declared me the best mom ever, and I got a few hours to myself.


Scott and Jamie said...

You rock! Most creative mom I know!

Makinzee Loveridge said...

did you do this before or after disney! sounds so fun, i might be copying you soon!