10 overlooked {but amazing} paper Lines

I'll publicly admit that I really love patterned paper. I'm a bit of a nerd about it, as I can identify most patterned papers by sight. Some manufacturers even have a distinct smell. Surely I am not the only one who has noticed this. Or am I? {Told you I was a paper nerd}
That being said I was telling someone at work the other day about how surprised I was that I had fallen in love with a certain paper line because I had previously overlooked it. This happens to me quite a bit. I buy one or two sheets and end up going back for more. So here is my Top 10 previously overlooked but amazing paper lines! These may already be favorites of yours, but if not, hopefully it will inspire you to give these lines another look!After you've read through them-share with me your overlooked {but amazing} lines! 

10.Glitz {Color Me Happy} I've been using this at work here and here and love the bright fun colors and the wood grain is to die for.

9. Pebbles Inc {Seen and Noted} Once I started playing with this I couldn't get enough. The bright fun colors and chalkboard embellishments make this perfect for a number of projects. I made cards and more cards and a mini album for Pazzles.

8.October Afternoon {Sasparilla}An older line, but once again one that I couldn't stop using until every last scrap was gone. I used this for cards and for layouts and had my first Papercrafts pub with this line.

7. Prima {Hello Pastel}At first glance this line seemed too baby pastel for me, but the unique purple and mint color combo ended up being one of my favorites. We used it at Pazzles on our Easter Basket project.

6. American Crafts {Glitter Paper} Cuts like a dream! I used it for my Pow superhero card and for various other embellishments. It's the perfect little bling accent without getting out actual glitter.

5. Heidi Swapp {Color Magic} Let me clarify. I knew these papers were amazing -I just didn't know if I could make them do amazing things. It turned out they were fairly easy to use. I'm still perfecting my technique, but mixing and matching colors and customizing papers is so fun. I used it for an Easter project and have also made a few cards.

4. Doodlebug Design {Flower Box} Again-scared of the bright colors and flowery patterns, but hello-woodgrain in several colors. Need  I say more. We used it at the Pazzles office for several projects including the Spring Mobile.

3.Authentique {Curiosity} This line seemed a little too themey at first, but it turns out I have lots of school themed photos to scrap. After I made several layouts with it I also made non-school themed cards and some gift pockets for my children's teachers. I literally used every last scrap. Love the cool color combo!

2. Teresa Collins {He Said} I thought I would have trouble coming up with masculine ideas for this line, but I ended up making several cards. Moustaches!

1. Simple Stories {Vintage Bliss} Honestly-this was love at first sight, but I had no idea I would love it so much. Seriously-we ARE still talking about paper here. I've used an entire collection kit at work here and here and am hoarding the kit I have at home. I have made three cards with it but I'm saving the rest for something special!


Abigail Stoops said...

Awesome blog, thanks for sharing!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Thank you for showcasing these. I love all of your projects. The only one I have, and have used (a lot, LOL) is #1. :)