Tea for two inspiration and then my neighbors laughed at me

Today I am inspired by:
Ruche look books. I mean seriously-come on. This is beautiful!
Tea For Two LookBook

In other news-last night while snapping some photos of a layout out on my front porch I was pointed at and laughed at. The car slowed down, the lady raised her glasses off her eyes, pointed and then laughed at me to her friend. Maybe she thought I was taking pictures of my toes, but it made me self-consciously revert to a 3rd grader and I wanted to yell at her "It's a scrapbook page....and I have a blog" So now my neighbors think I'm weird! Have you ever done anything crazy in the name of papercrafting? (Besides dressing your kids to match a patterned paper you want to use. That's a given, of course)

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