Happy 2013!

I'd love to say this year is shaping up to be a great one, but so far it has just stunk! Last weekend my dog ate a pack of gum and spent a very expensive day at the doggie ER. Who knew sugar free gum is highly toxic to dogs? And of course in true Michelle fashion we found most of the pack under the couch when we got home from the vet. He'd still eaten some, but not as much as we suspected.

Having recovered from that fiasco we woke up this weekend to wet carpet in our living room. I blamed the dog (who NEVER pees in the house) until I noticed the wood floor was warped a bit next to the fridge and yeah-we had a leak in our fridge that seeped into the wood floor, the wall and onto the carpet in the room right behind the kitchen. Luckily I don't suffer from Ataxophobia (Just learned that word and thought I'd throw it in here. Translation: fear of messes) because my house is one big giant mess. The good news-the counters and table are so covered with items we had to move out of the way so they could cut a hole in my wall, that I can't make dinner. And also-my fridge is in another room now. It's a week of eating out! 
So you'll understand why I have nothing new to share. My tears dripping on my project would mess with my inking! Instead I think I'll recycle a few projects I made the past few years in January for a bit of a blast from the past.

I'll be heading to CHA this weekend, so I'll be back next week to report. Hope your year is going better than mine :)

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