heidi swapp vintage ornaments

There are two things my co-workers hear me say every day.
'I saw on My Craft Channel...'
'Heidi Swapp made...'
(Ok, three things. I believe I also say 'I need a Diet Pepsi' at least once daily.)
The point is I love these things: My Craft Channel, Heidi Swapp and  Diet Pepsi.
My Craft Channel is having a Superfan contest and I'm sure I would qualify in my sleep. I'm pretty confident that I have seen every episode and I tell everyone I know how great it is. Heidi Swapp is also on my list of loves. She makes craft magic. I once had a dream that I met her and she called security because I wouldn't stop talking to her. Which is pretty much how it would probably play out in real life if I ever met her.
This month on her blog, Heidi is releasing free digital Christmas images. I love them all and wanted to make something really special to highlight them. I had some mini 3x3 canvases and glitter that I bought at Craft Warehouse and they came together to make some adorable vintage ornaments.

I had so much fun layering and glittering onto these mini canvas backgrounds. I pulled out some HS color magic banners and chipboard shapes and made them just the perfect shade of red. Color Magic is such a cool product.
I hung these sweet ornaments on a very special tree I have in my living room. When my grandma passed away several years ago I rescued all of her Christmas decorations. I hang these special ornaments on their own mini tree with the red pointed tree topper she always used.

Underneath the tree are some sweet dear she painted that I remember loving as a child. The crocheted tree skirt was actually made by my great grandmother and was given to my mom as a gift. This tree makes me so happy. My HS mini vintage ornaments have found a home there and fit in perfectly.
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Jen said...

Michelle, thanks for sharing these! They are featured on Heidi's facebook page (and IG feed).

- Jennifer Evans; Heidi Swapp Media Team Leader