It seems summer has killed my creativity. I've been so busy keeping the kids entertained, that my nighttime crafting been replaced by exhaustion. But it's good-summer is quickly passing! Here's what we've been up to.


 PARTIES~PARTIES {multiple birthdays, 4th of July. I'm 35 now-Yikes!}

ADVENTURES IN THE FOREST {actually my garden-which is out of control this year. The cucumbers and zuchini have taken over. Nothing else stands a chance-except the weeds! They always find a way to survive.}


AND LOTS OF SNACKS {I made this little make-your-own trail mix snack yesterday and it was a big hit. Not as healthy as I'd planned since some people consider M&M's and marshmallows together a trail mix.}

oh yeah-AND SOME LIGHT SUMMER READING. {um-yes. I did read this. And I liked it.}

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