I think this summer might be awesome.
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My kids are finally resembling small humans rather than some form of a primate. We might actually be able to go and do things-IN PUBLIC! We went to a movie last week and made it through the entire movie without anyone dumping $6 of popcorn on the floor or whining for candy after eating all they had in the first 32 seconds of the trailers, or making 27 trips to the bathroom or -well I don't need to go on! We've all been there.
The fact that I have actual humans to take care of this summer opens up all sorts of possibilities and I'm not really dreading it like I have in past years. It's wonderful to spend all day every day with my kids, but man is it exhausting to entertain them day after day! I am a schedule girl so I came up with a VERY flexible daily schedule and we'll spend the afternoons having fun until I run out of fun things to do. If we stay home and do nothing they either fight constantly or have so much fun the house looks like a giant craft experiment gone wrong.

Last week we

 played at a sandy beach park

went to a movie

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went for 2 long bike rides

went swimming

and went to 2 different parks.

One week down!

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