bike race

These cute pictures are from a bike race held in my city last year. We have a local speedway and the kids got to race on the actual raceway. Dylan was so excited he did about 20 laps before the race even started. And once it did start he pedaled his little legs as fast as they would go but there were kids with much bigger bikes who got far ahead rather quickly. But he had fun and got to decorate his bike-which all that matters anyways.
I made this layout with Pink Paislee {Declaration} and some Authentique stickers. I saw these cute paperclip embelishments by Heidid Swapp (I think) and decided to make my own. I tied some twine around a paperclip-slipped it on my layout and then added a sticker to the bottom of the paperclip.

Give it a try-cheap, easy and cute!

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danni reid. said...

oh how cuuuute, love the bike pictures and your big chevron zig zag, great page!!!