peaceful sunday

I was listening to my kids argue about who stole who's LEGO's yesterday and I realized the irony of the situation. The peaceful sunday thing just isn't happening lately at our house. My kids are in some strange dimension of boy/girl gender + age gap that makes then fight constantly. They can't seem to find anything that they want to do together and it usually ends up with the bookworm trying to read and the little brother pestering her. It's frustrating to say the least. We added to the situation by making sundays TV free unless we are watching a family movie together. I feel like my kids have just forgotten how to play. I know I drive them crazy with the "Old Fashioned Fun" lectures, but it's so sad to me that they can't think of ANYTHING to do that doesn't involve the TV or computer. So we're working on it. But it's hard.

I went up to my room to read after trying to get them involved in several board games that were declared {the most boring games ever}. They followed me upstairs and continued the bickering/yelling until they finally found something they could agree on that resulted in equally loud squealing and hysterical laughter. It was getting close to peace.

strawberry shortcake
Later after dinner we sat on the back porch and ate strawberry shortcake and talked. We laughed so hard when Anna was telling us about some ants she rescued and she said {I love taking care of injured animals so much. Sometimes I injure them just so I can take care of them} What? Before you call PETA, we clarified that she'd only ever pulled the wings off a bug. She's hilarious. We finished off the night with the kids trying to outdo each other with trampoline tricks. And finally-old fashioned fun on a peaceful sunday. It just took us all day to get there!

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makinzee said...

we have a no tv/wii/ipad/ds etc day too...yep its killing jack esp!! ps now i want some straw shortcake BAD!!