One of Dylan's latest tricks is to tell me these huge stories about how he got in trouble at school and the teacher got mad and the duty was mad and he had to go see the principal. Now-since he's always just barely not in trouble at school I always fall for his stories and get all upset. He's also a good liar-which frightens me :) So right when I'm in the middle of my freak out and lecture he says "Just kidding-SUCKER!"  I'm not sure why i fall for it EVERY TIME.
Dylan loves to make people laugh. It's one of those adorably frustrating elements of his personality. He's a ham. Right now he's playing in the front yard with a fake moustache on so "the people driving by will laugh at him" 
Okay-back to the layout. I used October Afternoon {Sasparilla} yet again and I tried to mist the finished layout with Glimmer Mist. I used some punched circles to make a design in the misting. I honestly suck at misting so it's borderline a hot mess-but the pictures are cute!

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