Ever have one of those weeks that is beyond frustrating? Yeah-me too! Friday could not come soon enough for me. I felt like at any moment I was going to flip my lid and loose it-and honestly my lid was hovering in the air at a 90 degree angle for most of the week. Nothing went right and everything took twice as long as it should have.

 My kids' school was party central this week and I ended up taking in 5 different treats-and each of them were very specific things-not a one size fits all. In each case I had to make last minute dashes to the grocery store for some missing element-not enough marshmallows-not enough vanilla-no cupcake liners-argh! You'd think I'd learn. It was was a sick kids-parent volunteer needed-wait an extra hour at the dr-work phone ringing in the middle of the night-52 oz Diet Pepsi kind of week.
Last night I was making dinner in a hurry so my family could get to pack meeting, my work phone rang and I had to do a big involved flight quote and every person in my family was asking me questions all at the same time. I was running from the kitchen to my office back and forth like a crazy woman while my son was yelling at me 'how do you spell battle?'

It was a sight to behold. On one mad dash back to the office I stubbed my toe and I won't lie-a few swear words came out and my lid was officially flipped!
So here's to all you mothers who know JUST WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! TGIF! At least dad will be home this weekend to help fend of the masses!

Go make yourself some of these Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies. Really-make them! They are divine!

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