bookmark gifts

These little kite bookmarks would make adorable valentine's! It's all in the decoration-add some hearts and some pink and red papers and you have a quick easy gift!
They slip over the corner of your book page like this to save your place.

Want to make one? Let's get started:
Kite Bookmark Tutorial
1.Fold kraft square in half. Open and fold in half again the other way. You now have a piece divided into 4 equal squares.

2. Cut the corner off of one square at a diagonal using straight or decorative scissors. This will be the front of the bookmark.

3. Cut away the entire square opposite the diagonal piece. Now fold the cardstock along the 2 remaining score lines, tucking one square behind the diagonal piece, applying adhesive to its back side, and folding the remaining square to the very back. Now you have your bookmark.

4.Adhere red triangle to bookmark front and yellow rectangle to the inside of the bookmark. As you adhere the yellow rectangle to the kraft bookmark, tuck in and adhere the yellow twine.

5. Punch out 2 flowers and adhere them together. Using the hole punch, punch 2 holes into the blue circle to make a paper button. Adhere button to flower and entire flower to front of bookmark.

6. Tie ribbon to yellow twine to make kite tail.


Karen L said...

These kites would make super cute embellishments too! I need to remember this!

Shellye said...

ahha! that's so cool!