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Public voting has started for card sharks and I could sure use some votes :) It's easy-you don't have to register, just leave a comment on a blog post.

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I decided this year that I will not be sending out handmade cards. It's too hard to make enough and really adds to my Christmas stress-so I'm skipping it this year. I know it's shocking-but I'm sure everyone will get over it. I ordered my photo cards form Costco and I'm already breathing a sigh of relief. Maybe next year...if I start making them in July. Because I'm a Christmas craft overachiever, some of my special gifts wil get handmade tags. I started a few last night and thought I'd share.


Life Made Creations said...

These are sooo cute! And, {exhale deeply}, doesn't it feel good to have your cards done at the click of a mouse?! ps. you got my vote!

VERO The Sahm said...

woow so cute tags, I've done some for my gifts (in the galery) Yours are very nice, I love lace ribbons !

Karen L said...

These are just awesome Michelle! Love the ones with the lace and eyelet trim! I know how crazy making it can be to make everything handmade and I think you made a good decision to cut back. Making a few handmade tags lets you be creative but in a smaller, more manageable way!

makinzee said...

Wish I were close to come to your classes. I started doing photo cards about 4 years ago and totally understand the stress lifted off your plate! Merry Christmas!