gingerbread party

Sorry I diappeared for a few days-the Christmas crazies got the best of me!

Last night was our annual gingerbread house party. We get better at it every year. My dad hot glued the houses together before we got there and it made for  much easier house creation. Notice I did not say much cleaner-as I still came home covered in icing. Part of the fun I guess~
This year after we decorated the kit houses, we had little gingerbread house cakes for the kids to decorate and then eat. It was a hit and the big house didn't get picked clean of the candy on the way home.
I bought this sweet cake pan at Target, but don't see them on the webiste. It's similar to this one-except it has 2 smaller cakes instead of 1 large one.
Anna wasn't feeling well last night so I got to make my own cake. Love how sweet these are!

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Mara... said...

Very cute houses! That is a super fun pan, I will be on the lookout for it!!