card sharks:crazy 8

Yet another entry for card sharks. The challenge was to use 8 different items on your card.
I used a doily,stamps,patterned paper, rhinestones, a pearl, twine, a snowflake and stitiching.

 In other news-we went to our town's Christmas tree lighting last weekend. Anna saw the commercial and reminded daily. I was not thrilled since it was freezing, but it's nice to have a little family time. Anna is so funny this year. We had a "discussion" about the Easter Bunny at Easter. She asked and I answered but apparently I didn't answer the way she wanted. She told me I ruined her life. So I figured she got that it applied to EVERYTHING, but she was jumping up and down to see Santa so I guess the magic still continues for her. 
She's been just as excited about our Elf on the Shelf tradition. Dylan left a caramel by the Elf last night and this morning it had tiny bite marks out of it. While Dylan was running to show his dad-Anna looked at me and gave me a dirty look. I guess she does remember SOME of our discussion. If she asks again I have my answer all planned and this time it won't be the harsh truth. She is so much like me. I remember knowing the truth but still wanting it to all be true-and seriously I think I was 11!

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Andrea Amu said...

Really cute! Love the stamped and cut out mittens attached together with twine!