We are going to Disneyland in 2 weeks. We waited until last Sunday to tell the kids and oh has it been hard to keep the secret. On Sunday my mom lined up all the kids and told them. This is how they reacted~
We expected some screaming and jumping up and down but they were pretty speechless. We had to actually convince them that we weren't kidding which kind of makes me wonder about our parenting. What makes them think we would make a big production about it and then say "JUST KIDDING"? Really? After it sunk in there was this~

And some of this~

And then the announcement that we were adding Legoland to our list of stops~

We ended the fun with a little planning and some celebration cupcakes.


makinzee said...

Yay for Disney! And a fun family excursion!

Guy and Mallory said...

That's awesome!!!!!

Life Made Creations said...

So exciting!