Where I've been...

We are back from our vacation from this gorgoeus place...
Yellowstone National Park-or Jellystone as my hubby calls it in a pretty good Yogi Bear voice. We drove all over the park and saw almost everything. I remember going as a kid and seeing NO animals so I was happy that things were different this time. We saw lots of Elk, Deer with huge antlers, a mama bear and 2 cubs, lots of random buffalo and then when we came over a hill in Lamar Valley we saw an entire huge heard of buffalo. It was a crazy sight. I have no idea how the indians ever killed one of those suckers with a bow and arrow. They are huge (and ugly)! 
Ugly Buffalo

Waiting for Old Faithful

Playing in the Water
Running from a water snake

Standing over the waterfall
One of the days we took a short hike down into the Canyon where you could stand on an overlook over a huge waterfall. It was an amazing sight and a little scary to see the speed the water pours over the edge.Of course since we went down we had to go back up and that was a bit of a workout, but it was my favorite part of the trip. We had such a great time seeing it all and spending some time away from the craziness of life.

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