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Still alive here...Just been really busy with end of school year stuff. May gets crazy-it's the new December! We still have a dance recital to get through this week with all the extra practices and picture appointments that come with that. Oh and 1 more day of school. It's going to take superhuman creativity on my part to get Anna through the summer without complete boredom. That girl has to be constanly making something or she ain't happy. Not sure where she gets that from :)
Since my poor family members suffer through endless scrapbooking posts-here's one just for you. Here's what we've been up to~

Meridian Fun Run-Anna signed up purely for the t-shirt and the medal. She ran her mile, got her free snack (which she was also thrilled about) and left with her treasures. Dylan showed up to support her, decided to run the last lap with her and somehow snagged himself a medal too-which was the highlight of his life. He took it to church the next day "in case people wanted to see it"

Anna and Dylan raised baby bugs. For Christmas they got a Butterfly garden and a Lady Bug land. The baby bugs are shipped to your house and you watch them change t0 adults. It took our bugs a really long time to get to Meridian since I lost the postcard you send in to get them and didn't find it for 3 months. 3 months is a long time to check the mailbox every day but Anna never gave up hope and they finally came. It was cool to see them change. We released them last week and they did hang around for a second before they flew off.

Memorial Day in Hagerman, ID. We meet up with my side of the family for a small town parade and fair. It's a fun day for the kids. While there we visit the graves of those we love and decorate them for the holiday.

Blogger is making me mad-I have no idea what is with all these wierd formats!!

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