2 Quarters

That's how much I had to pay this little guy to hold still so I could take some pictures. I've been loving the Boy sewing going on at Celebrate the Boy. I wanted to make every single thing I saw, but instead ended up with two.
The first thing I made was this little boy scarf. Anna had one and he wanted one too. One side is black flannel and the other is a cool skateboard camo knit (on the clearance shelf). I basically laid them wrong side together and sewed up the sides with about a 1/4 inch seam. After a few washes the flannel frayed a little to give it a rugged manly look :) When I laid the fabric out the flannel was a bit longer than the knit so I stitched the edges and folded the fabric up into little pockets for all his secret boy treasures.

The next thing I made were these hanging out pants. The cold weather is almost over and most of Dylans pants no longer fit. He's constantly complaining about the waists being too tight. I made these pants out of sweatshirt cotton that is really soft on the inside. I added stripes down the side with a cotton print.
I made the pocket by sandwiching both fabrics together so it is nice and sturdy. I topstitched around the edge and added a belt loop from an old pair of pants as a tab at the top of the pocket.
They are perfect for hanging out at the house days, although he loves them and wants to wear them everyday. And speaking of Dylan-he just walked in informed me that if the pictures are posted on the blog then I owe him another 2 quarters.

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