Proof that I am a mother:

  • There is a large alligator growing in my bathtub. Do not be alarmed. He isn't real, only one of those slimy grow 10 times it's size toys.

  • Legos in every room.

  • A small abandoned tankini laying in the middle of my bedroom floor. Part of Anna's Ancient Egyptian costume from last night-huh?

  • Lego Star Wars undies laying on the bathroom floor.

  • Cupcake sprinkles on the kitchen floor from this mornings pancakes which were made special by adding said sprinkles. Of course it is waaaay funner to poor them yourself and well-not many made it to the pancake.

  • Aproximatley 1/2 of the dishes in the sink are mismatched plastic cups with various cartoon characters on them.

  • The vacumn is now a mode of transportation. It was left out last night and now has a small stuffed dog riding it.
All of the things that make me smile and drive me crazy at the same time. Happy Valentines Day!

(v-day image courtesy of Free Pretty Things)


makinzee said...

Ditto! Well said. And I'm a little jealous of the sprinkles, that would have been tasty this morning!

The Scrapbook Speedway said...

awesome! i love it!