Halloween Roundup

Is it too late to still be talking about Halloween? I threw my annual Halloween party this year for our families and of course forgot to take pictures. I did get a few shots of some of the food:
(Ghost pretzel rods)

(Vampire cookies)

(My Mother In Law dressed in her Bronco finest)

Sadly I didn't get a picture of Mike & I's awesome ghostbuster costumes. Hopefully someone got a shot.

Anna choose to be a Chinesse girl this year. She picked out the fabric and we found a pattern and I spent several days getting it right. Why was it so hard to make? The fabric was part of the problem-it kept unraveling!

Dylan was Indiana Jones which thankfully required no sewing.

(notice the candy stained faces)

Till next year....


Anonymous said...

Dylan is even acting his part! Cute, wanna see those ghost busters cosutumes! I need ideas for next year:)

makinzee said...

oops it's really me:)