Indiana Jones and the 5 year old who loved him

Another year and another party. Dylan chose Indiana Jones for the theme this year because he is slightly obsessed. Funny thing is- we don't let him watch the movies. Too scary! We finally broke down the night of his birthday and watched The Last Crusade with Mike telling him when to close his eyes. His party was a hit for the little boys and cousins who came. The highlight was the obstacle course I set up. Run from a giant boulder ( huge excercize ball)-climb into the fort and throw the giant snake overboard, run the through the aligator river (speed ladder)-run through the mine field (pop-its on the ground)-drink a poisonous potion (Hawaiin Punch in goblets)-dive into the snake tent(our camp tent full of plastic snakes. And oh yeah- I made the kids wear a disguise-fake mustaches. Pretty much my favorite part of the party. My cake left much to be desired. It was supposed to be IJ standing on the edge of a volcano. But Dylan thought it was great so that's what mattered.I made satchels for all the kids to take home their goodies in. These were super easy and cheap made from remnant vinyl. Whew-another year down.


makinzee said...

The mustaches are great! I agree the hit of the party and the cake looks delish too! What's cooking for December??

Jennifer said...

Emma had a great time! We have a couple mustaches around our house as a reminder.